Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dive & Party Paradise!

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A few weeks ago, we told of our Canada Day celebration in Viani Bay, Fiji.  This event. it seems, turned into a spring board for an almost endless stream of reasons to gather and celebrate!

Over the last 15 days we have been at no less than 10 gatherings of cruisers and locals.  From the celebration of the US Independence Day with our friends Lanny & Ginger on S/V Swiftsure, and a number of other boats visiting Viani Bay, to a couple of beach parties hosted by the great folks (Marina & Johne) at Dive Academy, Fiji, we have had a BALL!

David & Janet (S/V Navire) - Great musicians!

"The Choir"

Jane (The great scuba diver!) and her dad, Ken (S/V Free Spirit V)


Still not too sure about the taste....

More music!

cruising kids will sleep anywhere!

Johne & Marina!

Lanny & Ginger (S/V Swiftsure)

I actually have callouses on the tips of my fingers from so many hours of playing my ukulele...

We have enjoyed people and food from all over the world!  It's really no wonder I have been so negligent in getting a blog post out!

We also have had the privilege teaching two amazing young women how to scuba dive and shared an scuba experience program with a fine young man. When not teaching, Shelley and I have been diving some of the best places that Fiji has to offer. This has kept us pretty busy during the days!
Tove, another GREAT scuba diver!

Tove & her mom, Sharron, our great friend from Whangarei, NZ

Today we moved 11 miles to a beutiful resort that welcomes transient sailors called Paradise Resort on Taviuni Island.  Here we will go out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary (a little late) and spend a few days exploring Taviuni Island.
Blowin' Bubbles & Swiftsure by the pool in Taviuni!

Checking out the resorts garden (where we can buy fresh veggies & eggs!)

More soon...